Another Human Starts a Blog...

Another Human Starts a Blog...

I've been dabbling in the "code" for a few years now. I like it. Quite a bit. Feels like a superpower... but I'm no superhero, that's for sure.

As a human, at some point, I start to look beyond the tangible and start searching for something hidden, something magical. Spend enough time looking at a Monet, and the experience becomes transcending. Spend enough time in love, and the emotion becomes a tiny universe. Spend enough time watching That 70s Show reruns, and somehow you make meaning out of it... Got it?

Every "coder" who enjoys their craft will at times ask themselves, "Should I blog?". The answer is probably yes, because you know, only "good" coders blog. But the reality is much more complicated. I have attempted a blog at least a few times and so far every one has failed for the same reason, and not for a lack of time. I manage to find time for all sorts of wasteful pursuits. No, the real reason is purpose. Do I have something interesting to say? Do I have an experience worth sharing? Can I add value to something... anything?

I'm no superhero, but I've been around the block. I think I have a few things worth mentioning. I've also been coding long enough now that my mind's eye has started to wander. It wants purpose, not only in my craft but also in my experience as a crafter. I think I understand now that doing a blog isn't the end goal. It's just a way to experience what I'm already doing differently. Maybe that's enough to keep me going this time...

But I know it's dangerous to start anything new without at least a few guardrails. Don't overthink it, but don't be stupid. So what do I blog about?

I've come to define myself in a few concrete ways. I'm a dad. I'm a husband. I'm an outdoorsman, I'm a builder, and I'm a coder. All of these interact in unexpected, sometimes volatile, often comical, and certainly very human ways.

Software is inherently complex, and as the arrow time continues those complexities become too big for a single human to hold in their head. When I started seriously coding 5 years ago I naively thought coding was a technical problem. Learn the language, learn the system, gain experience, be great... What I've come to understand is that the technical piece is not that hard. Oh no, the hard part is how to be a good human, and thus be a great member of a larger network of other humans building something bigger than one human can ever fully understand.

So that's what this is about. It's about coding and solving problems, but it's also about being a good human.

Oh, and it's called Three Sided Blog. I like triangles. Do I need a better reason?